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Ask THEO - Live Event Sizzle

Cyrene Houdini Videographer / Editor

Mareka Organic Bar -  Promo

Cyrene Houdini -  Videographer / Editor

 Discover the Gift - Shajen  & Demian Lichtenstein Writer / director

Cyrene Houdini - Assistant Editor

Live Stream Promo

Cyrene Houdini - Director / Editor

Peter Farelly Interview for the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts

Cyrene Houdini - Camera / Editor

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Bliss Girls - Free Hugs

Cyrene Houdini - Videographer / Editor

Andrea Brook - Earth Harp Musician

Gate 3 - Gloabal Alliance of Transformational Entertainment

Cyrene Houdini Livestream Broadcast Director

Light-N-Up Good News Show Sizzle Reel

Cyrene Houdini - Director / Editor

The Final Transition


Cyrene Houdini - Live Stream & Production Producer / Director

Jim Carrey - Gate 2 

Cyrene Houdini - Videographer / Editor

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