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Her career and life mission? “I am dedicated to bringing positive change to the world through Multi-Media... Magically, of course!”


Her background as a dancer, choreographer, magician, escape artist and Exotic Animal Trainer bring a unique and magical perspective to her work.

World Famous Double Straight Jacket Escape

Cyrene & Hardeen H. Houdini • Escape Artists
 Imax Theater / Branson MO

To this day no one has ever been able to duplicate this escape... Harry would be proud!

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Magicians Penn Jillette, kneeling at left, and Teller, kneeling at right, are among those posing atop the newly renovated star of legendary illusionist Harry Houdini on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood CA, Friday, Oct. 24, 2008. Standing from left to right are actress Tippi Hedren, Magic Castle co-founder Irene Larsen, actress JoAnne Worley, Magic Castle co-founder Milt Larsen, actor Neil Patrick Harris, Cyrene Houdini Magician.

Fun Facts




Magic Castle Houdini Room -  After a Houdini Seance!

Spellbound Magic Show / Dick Foster Productions US tour
 Dancer/Choreographer/Magic Assistant

     Cyrene owned a Bengal Tiger Named “Sindar” born to be a star....

About Cyrene Houdini

Cyrene started her career in films creating visual effects on over a dozen features with Oscar winning producers and directors including George Lucas (Raiders of the Lost Ark),  Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)  Christopher Reeve (Superman IV) and Francis Ford Coppola (Captain Eo). “The Mission” an episode of  Amazing Stories produced by George Lucas and “Little Match Girl” directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg are among her favorite television features. Cyrene’s work has been featured on many networks and international news programs: Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, MSNBC, Univision and Dangerous Escapes.

Her current focus on Live Streaming introduces leading edge video technologies for both live and produced events. Cyrene served as the international Live Stream Broadcast Technical Producer on major event conferences. The events featured over 120 speakers including Jim Carrey, Michael Beckwith, James Van Praagh, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz and Edward James Olmos, among many other Celebrities. In addition she has Live Streamed a TedX conference  "Brother Can you Spare a Paridigm" with 20 speakers among them, Marianne Williamson,  In-Q song writer, and Russell Targ,  physicist, parapsychologist, and best known for his work on remote viewing.  AND "The Final Transition" on Science Death and Consciousness. Cyrene produced “Light-N Up  a groundbreaking “good news” show for the N-Light-N-TV Network which was a green screen project.

Cyrene has produced and directed two documentaries: “Flipping the Joy Switch” with Joy Gilfilen who teaches corporate America the Law of Attraction  and Vermont Bio Fuels spotlighting cutting edge agricultural research on corn. In addition to films and television, Cyrene produced and sound engineered audio books, among them “Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution” and Elliot: The Return to Roswell” an audio book series.


California Institute of the Arts

Skills Include

  Producing - Directing - Videography - Editing - Magic